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My name is Emily, and I love dogs. From managing a doggy daycare, boarding, and training facility, to earning a Master's degree in canine behavior, I have learned just about all there is to learn about our furry companions. My training philosophy is simple: be kind. I believe every dog is a good dog, and we just need to learn a little bit more about the problem to understand how to solve it.


About Positive Dog Training

Training with Compassion

Positive approach dog training focuses on rewarding the behaviors we want, and ignoring the behaviors we don't. From my experience, I've seen how punishing a dog can damage the dog-human bond, and make training more difficult. I seek to help owners repair their relationship with their dog, and build trust between them. When we refrain from using punishment, our dogs are more willing to try new behaviors and let go of the old ones!


"The more understanding humans have of their dogs, the more enjoyable life becomes for both."

Katarina Began


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